About my work

I make all my work myself, by hand, and paint and glaze it. I do a mix of slab-building and wheel work, and spend some time making pinch pots as well.

I make cups, vases, pourers, and most bowls on the potters wheel. 

For my plates and small dishes,  I start by rolling and cutting slabs of porcelain, then pressing them on plaster molds I poured, or wooden molds I cut. After they dry a bit, I trim the edges with a wood-working tool and sponge them smooth. lately I have been adding a pinched element to my slab pieces, so you can feel the texture of fingers working the clay in the finished piece. I think it gives them a pleasing irregularity. Because they are made on forms, the slab pieces stack nicely in your cabinet.

I paint all of my pieces with underglazes when they are bone-dry (unfired), and sgraffito (scratch through) for detailing, then fire them, add a coat of glaze to some pieces, and give them one last trip through the kiln to about 2200F (cone 5). After the glaze firing I sand and polish the unglazed surfaces to make them smooth to the touch.

My pieces are safe for food, and it is fine to put in the dishwasher. They are made to be used.

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